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Trash and Recycling

Address: 14 West Beach Road, Block Island, RI

In the containers bin

Tin, aluminum and scrap metal: Aluminum and tin cans, foil, pie plates and empty aerosol canisters.
Glass, bottles and jars: Wine, beer, liquor and soda bottles, glass water bottles and glass jars. Please remove metal lids.
Plastic bottles and jugs: Containers up to 5 gallons, bottles (soda, shampoo, water), jugs (milk, juice, detergent), jars (mayo, peanut butter, jelly), tubs (butter, ice cream, margarine), plastic take-out containers, iced coffee cups, yogurt containers, plastic egg cartons. No plastic bags or foam containers.
Milk cartons and drink boxes: Milk and juice cartons, juice boxes, flavored-milk boxes and cream and creamer containers.

In the paper and cardboard bin

Mixed paper: Mail, envelopes, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, paper bags, shredded paper, paperback books, writing and computer paper.
Thin cardboard: Cereal boxes, show boxes, pizza boxes, paper egg containers, gift boxes and paper towel and toilet paper rolls
Newsprint: All newspaper, advertising and inserts.
Corrugated cardboard: All boxes and other corrugated cardboard, smooth on the outside, wavy in the middle.

For a complete list of Trash Do's and Don't's visit the website.

B.I.R.M. Trash and Recyclable Pick-Up Have your household or business trash and recyclables removed weekly, for the summer, or just schedule a one-time pick-up B.I.R.M. provides trash and recyclable pickup for homes and businesses.

Household Trash - Recyclables - Contractor Trash - Appliances - Electronics...and more


Phone: (401) 466-2864
Address: 91 Chapel Street, Block Island, R.I.
(P.O. Box 973)

We'll come and hail your trash away. You can schedule weekly, monthly and yearly pickups. We also do cleanouts. We're safe and reliable, and have been an island business for more than 20 years.

Phone: (401) 824-9045

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