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566 Center Road, Block Island, RI

If it is in your house or business - chances are that Lamb's Package Service brought it there. They deliver just about every item, everything on Block Island. This is a stress free service, they will pick up your package and get it into your hands safely and efficiently. This a top notch, dependable delivery organization.

Block Island, RI

Tell us what you want. Tell us where to go. It's too simple not to use. At Seapod, our goal is to ensure your vacation is as relaxing as possible.We strive to provide you on demand delivery of all your Island needs.Simply call Seapod and tell us what you need, where it's going, and we'll have it there in minutes.

Don't leave the beach because you forgot sunblock, or cut your bike ride short to grocery shop for dinner. Seapod has you covered, wherever that may be. Need something off island? We will get it for you!


Narragansett, RI
401 782-8484

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