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Liquors and Wines

Address: 242 Ocean Avenue, Block Island, RI

Block Island's only grocery store! You will be able to get it all here, anything for your summer vacation.

Block Island Grocery sells a wide selection of beer, wine and liquor, as well as groceries, newspapers and other sundries. BIG features fresh produce, the best deli sandwiches on the island and a butcher shop where you can pick up a steak or some ribs to throw on the grill. Fresh local seafood is always in stock.

BIG has daily specials including homemade hot soups, hot & cold sandwiches, working man lunch specials and ready-to-go dinner specials.


Phone: (401)466-2949
Address: 520 High Street, Wakefield, RI

Wakefield's newest liquor store. We are happy to deliver your liquor right to the boat!

Phone: (401) 788-0003
Business Contact Email:
Address: 233 Dodge Street, Block Island, RI

Fine wines and liquors, beer, ale, microbrews, cigarettes and cigars, ice and snacks. Only stand alone liquor store on the island, a tradition. Be sure to enjoy this historic building while there, a real old fashioned treat!

Phone: (401) 466-2441
Address: 667 Kingstown Road, Wakefield, RI 02879

Wakefield Liquors offers an extensive selection of fine wines, liquors, and imported and micro beers. Their selection of craft brews and selection from local breweries is unmatched, and you can pick your own variety of beer in a mix pack to try all different kinds without buying a while six pack of the same kind.  We deliver to the boat!

Phone: (401) 783-4555

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