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Address: Box 205, Block Island, RI


Connelli Designs, creating infographics & design materials for whale organizations, and writing marine-focused content. Concentrating in graphic design and illustrations studies for the awareness of marine species and conservancy is Rosemary's specialty along with graphic design and illustration.

Design services include logos, posters infographics and page layouts.

Phone: (802) 369-4553
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Address: Rose Farm Inn
Block Island, RI

Unique and handcrafted arts and goods.

Eme D's Art mainly specializes in miniature watercolor and acrylic paintings that captures the beauty of Block Island. The paintings are lovingly encased in hand-made Block island driftwood frame, each one unique just like the art itself. With a mastery expanding to hand-painted cards, and ornaments, Eme D's Art offers custom commissions all year round. They enjoy memorializing your favorite place on or part of Block Island, so never be afraid to approach them with an idea! Nothing is too big (or too small).

Phone: (561) 818-8681
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