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Address: 90 Chapel Street, Block Island, RI

Located on the corner of Chapel Street and Weldon's Way, Golddiggers offers breathtaking and affordable treasures, including everything bridal, diamonds, rare gems, and other unique Block Island and nautical jewelry.  The original Block Island Hook Bracelet is sold here along with Block Island sand and water charms. Free ear piercing!

Phone: (401) 466-2611
Address: 212 Water Street, Block Island RI

Martha Andrew is the force behind MarMar Boutique. As Head Designer for the in-house jewelry line for a prominent chain of Philadelphia boutiques for over 5 years, she found herself loving every second of the jewelry world.

MarMar Boutique strives to represent and introduce a wide variety of artists to the general public,  inviting them to learn about different mediums and metalsmithing techniques and to expose them to unique bodies of work that can’t be found in your average jewelry store.

Phone: (215) 880-3922
Business Contact Email:
Address: Spring Street, Block Island, RI

Local artist Peter Gibbons offers individualized jewelry of his own design.  Contact him via his website or stop by the Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays to see his Block Island and nautical jewelry.

Phone: (401) 466-2540
Address: Water Street, Block Island, RI



Royal Jewelry is located under the Harborside Inn on Water Street. This store features many original designs in gold and sterling. The little store has been and continues to be a favorite shopping place . You will find a wonderfully eclectic assortment of fine gold & silver designs. Featuring Block Island , wave and beautiful mermaid pendants.

Phone: (401) 466-7944

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